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We need a few ground rules so as not to spoil anything for the players that want to still be on the forum, but avoid this section.

A spoiler is considered to be any item which "gives away" information. We're specifically talking about story spoilers, such as what happens to any main characters or any large plot twists or story elements.

1. No spoilers in the subject of the thread. If you put a direct spoiler within a subject, you will be suspended for a minimum of 24 hours. This is your only warning.

2. If you post up a topic which has a spoiler in it, please add *SPOILER* or to the thread subject.

For example " Thoughts on Brotherhood Mission 08?"
(This doesn't mean that BH08 has a major story element, I just want to explain what I mean clearly.)

3. This one isn't mandatory, but if you put spoilers in here, try to put it down as white text so it gets quasi hidden in the background. This can be accomplished by typing what you want, highlight it with your mouse, then click on the white color square on the lower right of all those colors on the side.

Final result >> It looks like this.

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