Please make the Arr... Badge Available!
2 years ago  ::  Mar 6 2012 - 3:55PM
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Currently me and others are going for the kingpin achievment and only have to obtain one more badge. Either rank up another time, playing the ranked multiplayer which is practically dead, or wait another six months to unlock the Arr... badge.

Is there anyway you can make the Arr... badge obtainable upon entering the multiplayer, instead of having to wait for the dates currently set, since the game is aged now? 

Please think about it THQ, save me and many others the extra 10 or 15 hours it takes to rank up from Executioner to Kingpin so we can BUY our NEW copies of Saints Row 3 and BUY ALL the DLC, and enjoy more of your amazing co-op and single player experience. 

Hopefully you get back to me soon on this topic, any response would be helpful.

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