Be your own boss

Be your own boss

Face, Voice and Personality

Creating your own Boss isn’t just about the clothes you wear or the body you’re rockin’, so let’s go deeper on the tools we are giving you for your Boss’s face, voice and personality.

How’s your head?

So you got a face, and you probably want your Boss to also have a face, right? Wow, have we got your back on this one. Absolutely smashed it out of the park tbh. Do we need to tell you about the normal stuff you should expect? Like yes, noses, eyes, mouths, chins, cheeks, eyebrows are all included. Now thats out of the way, let’s look at the new stuff:

Starting features – When it comes to getting just the right facial structure, we have added features for you to start from – pick the closest and tweak away until you get what you want. Different nose options, cheek styles, chins, foreheads etc. so you can pick the closest and tweak from there. Honestly it’s been a revelation. There are so many options and then tweak options on top of options, its opt-ception.

Asymmetrical customization – Science tells us that not all faces are symmetrical (thanks science department), so to truly let you be your own Boss, we have implemented the tools so you can make changes to single sides of the face. You can use this to create more realistic humans, or abuse it and make the monster of your dreams. The choice is yours entirely.

Love your skin – This isn’t a PSA to moisturise (though, you should), you can make your skin any shade in the color spectrum, how about that? Oh wait, you can also be as metallic as you like, glossy or matte, change the material, vitiligo options, whatever you need. The lava skin is a bit of an in-house favourite, we can’t wait for you to unlock it.

Face Accessories & features – So, you got a face, and we are pleased to hear it. Now you gotta decorate it. Eyewear? Check. Piercings? Check. Scars & blemishes? Check. Facial tattoos? Hell yeah. Give yourself some distinguished wrinkles, or don’t. Get yourself made up with a huge range of makeup options, and again, all colours are possible. Virtual MUA’s rejoice!

Got hair, don’t care - Now obviously hair is optional, you can be balder than the day you were born if you want, but if you wanna have it, we got loads for you to play with. A huge range of styles from straight to afro, updo’s, downdo’s, short hair, long hair we got enough to make Brad Mondo jealous. Plus, you can colour it 3 ways – roots, mid-sections and ends can all be a totally different shade if you wish, adding real dimension to your color. No bleaching required.

The voice of your angel - Your Boss talks…and you are going to be with them for the whole game. So we have 8 glorious options for you to choose from to really give your Boss the vibe you are going for.

A personality that suits you - A range of emotes are available that the world around you will react to, you get to choose 2 that define your Boss. Flip the world the bird, or just have a little lie down, play the guitar or praise the sun. You can mix and match, unlock new ones as you explore and find the ones that really work for you.

All this comes together to give you the power to #BeYourOwnBoss. And we cannot wait for you to get hands on later this year.

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