Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus is in Town

Who's coming to play?

More killin’, more carnage – that’s what I’m all about at Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus – exclusively at Boot Hill! It’s me, Doc Ketchum, your favourite purveyor of grit, murder and moxie. I am known worldwide for inheriting millions and indulging all of my sickest, darkest fantasies, trapping a bunch of idiots on an island and making them murder each other for fictional coins to spend in my fictional store!If I am feeling generous I might throw in some other rewards …if you survive. 

So I invite YOU, worthy contestant, to entertain me with your wit, skill and perseverance in the Murder Circus. Can you avoid the grim reaper’s call? Or will your opponents put you six feet under? What’s black and white and red all over – dead mimes! Oh I cannot wait to watch you give it the good ol’ college try.    

Get your butts over to the Boot Hill App now (if you have completed the Aggressive Recruiting mission, that is) and enter MY Murder Circus – now!

-Xoxo Doc