The Saints Row Gameplay Overview Trailer has just landed

The Saints Row Gameplay overview Trailer has just landed

Let’s get into it!

Check out the latest news straight outta Santo Ileso – and we are working our way from the ground up! You and your friends are about to form, not just any old street gang, but an institution. Check out the trailer:

Explore the ultimate Sinners’ playground, where nothing comes for free. Learn more about the Factions you’ll have to quell to succeed – Los Panteros, The Idols, Marshall Defence Technologies and another, slightly wilder faction we haven’t talked about yet.

Flanked by Neenah, Eli and Kevin you’ll build your HQ, notoriety and criminal standing in the city as you rise to power. Push your luck, get involved and get your mitts on Saints Row on August 23!

Get your hands on the game and make sure you secure the Idols Anarchy Pack and more - pre-order now! 

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